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Nev Nicholls was honoured along with others at Tamworth by having his hand print added to the
"Hands of Fame"
Nev Hands
Nev places his prints in cement

Tex Morton-Smoky Dawson & Buddy Williams
Await their turn to place their handprints in cement

Nev & Noel Watson of Waltzing Matilda fame

Frank Ifield & Nev Nicholls

Chad Morgan & Nev a year or 40 back

A very proud Nev after receiving his
Roll of Renown Plaque

Nev Nicholls on one of the trucks
he sings so many songs about
Below are the Albums available by contacting the Webmaster
or you can make direct contact by mail to:

Nev Nicholls
PO Box 2523
Smithfield NSW 2164

The Nev Nicholls Albums available on CD
Representing excellent value
"Massive Movers"
"Loaded Up & Truckin'"
"Oh! What a Beauty"
Price: Aus $25.00ea Incl Postage in Australia
See ordering details above - overseas postage extra, email for cost
1. Waitin' At The End Of The Road
-----Nev Nicholls

2. Free Spirit
-----Nev Nicholls & Keith Glass
3. Spare Parts Man
---Wayne Law
4. Girl On The Billboard
---Wylie & The Wild West Show
5. Take This Job And Shove It
-----Johnny Paycheck
6. Take It To The Limit
-----Tom Jones
7.Country Boys
-----Roy Cooper & Carter Edwards
8.Highway Man
-----Nev Nicholls & Buddy Williams
9.On The Road Again
-----Tom Jones
10.Motel Time Again
-----Johnny Paycheck
11.Midnight At A Redlight
-----George Hamilton V
-----Wayne Law
1.East Bound And Down
2.Jack Knife
3.Lights On The Hill
5.A Cowboy's A Cowboy
6.Teddy Bear
7.Keep On Truckin'
8.Giddy-Up Go
9.Motivatin' Man
10.Motivatin' Day
11.Bulldog Mack
12.Blazing Diesels
13.Six Days On The Road
14.Truck Drivin' Man
15.Teddy Bears Last Ride
16.The Devil Made The Truck -----Drivin' Man
17.Phantom 309
18.When The Big Rigs Roll
Click on this CD to purchase
direct from du Monde Records

du Monde Records
1.Oh! What a Beauty           Nev Nicholls
2.We Split The Blanket-----Nev Nicholls
3.Bouquet of Roses             Nev Nicholls
4.The Freckle Song ----------Nev Nicholls
5.Sweet Thing -------------Nev & Jan Kelly
6.Truck Driving Man --------Nev Nicholls
7.I Want One ------------------Nev Nicholls

8.Cotton Pickin' Guitar -Dave Longmore
9.Meet Me in The Texas Tavern J.Heap
10.I'll Never Let You Go Darling D.North
11.Nashville Piper -----------Nev Nicholls
12.Stand By Your Man -----------Jan Kelly
13.Love Bug -------------------Nev Nicholls
14.I Thank You ---------------Johnny Heap

15.Carol County Iccident -------Jan Kelly
16.Wheels of Progress -----Nev Nicholls
17.Love, Love, Love----------Nev Nicholls
18.Take My Heart                 Nev Nicholls
19.Country Playboy -------Peter Beasley
20.Better Move it on Home --Nev & Jan
21.I'm Coming Home To you Don North
22.Lily White Hands --------Johnny Heap
23.You Won't see Which Way I Went --------------------------------Dave Longmore
24.Anita You're Dreaming - Johnny Heap
25.Transit ------------------------- Don North
26.Biding My Time ----Nev & Kerry Lyons
27.Louisiana Man ---------------Don North
28.My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You ------------------------------------Johnny Heap
29.Break My Mind -----------Nev Nicholls

30.Show Me The Way To The Cirdus ------------------------------------Nev Nicholls
31.Fickle Little Woman -----Nev Nicholls